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BATHROOMS – Your sanctuary

A space for pampering and relaxation.
Treetown Kitchens will design your bathroom to create the ultimate space for escape.


Treetown Kitchens cabinets are constructed with moisture resistant MDF 16mm melamine board. We do not use chipboard in our cabinet manufacture. Each unit is constructed using 2mm PVC edging (this includes carcasses). All colour board is 18mm on MDF, unless specified in another product.


Vanities are crafted to be visually stunning, and meet the functional requirements of your family.


Treetown Kitchens can craft any style of door; including PVC edged, Melteca vacuum pressed, timber, aluminum framed, coloured glass fronts and paint finish. With endless colour choices, lacquer finish, or hand finished in distressed or European style.


Manufactured stone is a high quality, versatile product, with consistent colours which can be crafted into any thickness and shape.  There are several brands of manufactured stone available.

Granite is a natural product offering stunning results.  Being natural some colours have a fairly consistent pattern but most granite slabs are pattern unique.

Stainless steel is one of the most cost effective bench surfaces around and is not difficult to look after.  Stainless steel benches are very durable they will not chip, crack, peel or fade over time; a strong, easy to clean hygienic surface.  Finishes available are satin,linen and basket weave. 

Warm, friendly and inviting - used as a feature or as a major piece. Timber is a natural, timeless product that Treetown Kitchens craftsmen love to work with.  Treetown Kitchens will supply timber but will also work with material supplied by clients.

Stain resistant and can be coloured to suit any interior.  Concrete is poured and cured for 4 – 5 weeks before being polished and cut to size.  A polished finish is the end result.  There is no resin surface to wear and resurfacing is never required.

Laminate is the most popular benchtop product offering a cost effective and durable solution; supplied in a large variety of colours and patterns. Treetown Kitchens ensures the thickness and edge profile is crafted to your requirements.

Acrylic benchtops are generally formed in one piece so they are seamless, they can incorporate the sink for a continuous line. Very durable, stain resistant, can be produced in any colour.


Granite splash backs are a fantastic way to visually enhance your bathroom.  They are available in a variety of colours, are very practical and low maintenance. 

Stainless steel splash backs are resilient, durable and very easy to keep clean.  One of the most cost effective splash back surfaces.  A variety of finishes are available; satin,linen and basket weave. 

Glass splash backs are a fantastic way to add personality and colour to your bathroom.  Glass is very versatile and can be coloured or have images printed on to it.

Tile splash backs come in a range of styles, colours and designs to match any traditional, contemporary, bespoke or modern country design.  Tile is very durable and easy to clean.


We offer an extensive range of hardware accessories. At Treetown Kitchens our consultants will liaise with you as to which fittings are best for your kitchen, provide value for money and will go the distance.  

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